One hour time sensitive sessions now available

Bunni is now available for 50 minute consultations on a regular or as-needed basis. These sessions can provide a quick and effective way of addressing time sensitive issues or identifying more complicated issues.
Reasons can include:
Immediate care needs and/or decisions which need immediate responses
Identifying resources for out of town or unaware in town family
Pre-planning for future needs
Creating a plan for moving forward
Communicating between family members
Trusted advisory identifying issues beyond their scope of practice

When to get involved: Warning signs of those at risk.

Is your family member or client showing any of the following? If so, it may be time to contact a Aging Life Care Expert.

  1. Signs of cognitive decline: Signs may be subtle.  Early intervention can allow time for pre-planning to maintain control.
  2. Family living at a distance: It is easy to miss subtle changes when living at a distance.  Emergencies can be reduced if problems are picked up early.
  3. Changes in condition: What worked at one stage of life may not work as things change.  Medication, care needs and other changes need to be reevaluated.
  4. Undergoing a crisis: Experts can assist in responding in a timely and educated manner.
  5. Evaluating care options: Assistance in identifying  priorities, financial considerations and person preferences often can be enhanced by  an objective knowledgeable individual.
  6. Hospital discharge: Decisions and coordination of care in the first 3 days can be vital. A professional that can assist in transition to a home or facility, but the financial, care, physical and emotional realities can make a difference.
  7. Chronic illness and end of life: Families are often overwhelmed or uncertain of long term needs as well as decisions regarding end of life actions. An objective professional can help make ethical, objective decisions.
  8. Transitions to placement outside home: One size does not fit all. A Aging Life Care Expert who understands the options can assist.
  9. Need for  multidisciplinary approach: Aging can be complicated. There are often legal, financial, behavioral,emotional, health, care and family needs that need to be addressed. Hiring an expert that understands the how they interact can provide a plan that addressing all needs.
  10. Family conflict: It is more common than not for family members to differ in values, preferences and approach to their aging relative. Their discord can often be identified and managed with the assistance of someone skilled in conflict resolution.
  11. Beyond the scope of practice: Professionals are often put in situations that are far beyond their role and skill set. Caring housekeepers, fiduciaries, attorneys and healthcare professionals are often called on to assist in areas where they have minimal formal training or knowledge. Have an Aging Life Care Expert as part of the team can reduce liability and provide better outcomes.
  12. Extraordinary times put many in unchartered territories: The current COVID virus has put older and those with compromised health at risk for potentially tragic outcomes.  Protecting the vulnerable takes knowledge, oversight and new procedures that are changing daily. Attending to changes is vital. 

If you have concerns regarding any of these or other issues regarding aging or dependent adults contact Bunni Dybnis at or (310) 486-95515.